Don’t let your estate planning wait! Too many people forget, or simply assume, that it’s not for them. Before you get started, what is estate planning and how can it benefit you?

A Closer Look at Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses a lot of different aspect, including:

  • Instructions for your personal care in the event of disability
  • Make sure that care is provided for your family members with special needs
  • Arrange for care of your minor children with a guardian attorney
  • Arrange for life insurance that will provide for your family at the time of your death; this includes disability insurance to replace your income.
  • Arrange for transfer of your business assets
  • Mitigate your expenses so that they do not fall back onto your family

It’s All About Preparation

We offer significant preparation for individuals and families including:

  • Wills: While you might know exactly who would be inheriting your possession and assets, it will all be for nothing if you do not have a will. Some possessions can include investment accounts, real estate, and physical possessions. In most cases possessions will go the spouse or to the children if there is no spouse available. Lacking these, your property would be divided amongst your closest relatives, ending in the probate process. Let us help you make this process a bit smoother!
  • Living trusts: A revocable living trust is a critical estate planning tool that can be used before and after the death of the individual who established the living trust. A living trust will help to avoid probate and grant all assets to the appropriate individuals at the given time.

A living trust can ensure the availability of trusts for your minor child as well as protection for a surviving spouse. In addition, a living trust provides creditor protection for both your children and your grandchildren, making it an essential part of your estate planning, serving Madison.

Get Started Now!

Don’t put it off! Get your estate planning and even your Medicaid planning in order and make sure that you’re ready for whatever comes your way whether you are protecting a spouse, your children, or all of the above. We can help you get ready today!


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