John Horn

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John Horn

Over 30 Years’ Experience -- Rave Reviews -- Strategic Trust and Will Planning :
In essence, people want their estate planning attorney to:
  • Resolve their particular goals or concerns for the benefit of their loved ones and themselves
  • Be effective and practical without using convoluted legal structures and
  • Present a reasonable value-for-price ratio.

The key is “know-how.” That means education & teaching, of course; but, many and varied experiences over significant periods of time are even more critical.

John has know-how. He teaches and writes both locally and nationally. Additionally, John logs over 30 years’ experience in estate planning. This includes judicial office, trials, appeals, extensive legal research & writing. But most importantly, it involves meeting, planning and drafting with thousands of clients over a span of three decades. This kind of know-how is in short supply! Without it, one can expect mistakes, unneeded complexities or both. But know-how makes for smooth transitions in difficult times. After all, estate planning is a gift to your loved ones.

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Estate Planning Authored by John

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