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Do I need a revocable living trust, a will or both? While a will’s intent may seem straightforward, there’s a more direct way to ensure your assets are handled according to your wishes after your death, saving your heirs time and hassle in dealing with the courts. A revocable living trust (RLT) generally involves three

Why is it important for me to have a will?

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Contrary to popular opinion, a will is not only for the wealthy. It allows you to decide how your assets are distributed once you pass away. More than 50% of Americans think that estate planning is at least somewhat important, but only 33% have a will or living trust. That number has only slightly increased

Estate Planning at Every Stage of Your Life!

Although we all know how important it is to have an estate plan, we don’t always realize how different stages or events in our life can affect estate planning. Whether you are looking to have kids, you are going through the midlife challenges of caring for your children and your own aging parents, or if
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We all know how important it is to have some form of estate plan in place, be it a Will or a Trust. In the event of the unexpected, an estate plan can help protect you and make sure your wishes are carried out in regard to your heirs and beneficiaries. However, estate planning can

Do You Need More Than a Will?

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When many people think of estate planning, their first thought is often of a Will. However, a Will isn’t always the only, or even the best, option. Estate planning is a complicated process and it truly depends on each individual’s unique circumstances and goals. Everyone wants to make sure that their assets are transferred smoothly
Parents are used to taking care of their children. So, it can often be a struggle when the roles begin to flip as children become adults and parents grow older. Though it may sometimes be a difficult conversation to broach, being aware of our parents’ end of life plans and helping them consider what other

Letter of Instruction

In addition to a Will and/or a Trust, an additional measure you can take to try to minimize conflict or complications after your death is by creating a Letter of Instruction. A Letter of Instruction typically includes sections on funeral arrangements, financial and personal affairs, and the distribution of personal effects. First, you can make

How to Protect Your Estate

How to Protect Your Estate
As we have all learned recently while living through a global pandemic, life can deal you any number of surprises, the most difficult being the death of a loved one. As estate planners, we believe it is extremely important that you and your loved ones prepare for the unexpected by making sure that you understand
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Probate can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process that is best avoided whenever possible. With this in mind, it is essential to work with an estate planning professional to safely and confidently plan ahead for the future. A living trust can be a great option when it comes to considering the future and
I Don’t Have Children – Do I Really Need an Estate Plan
Many people who have no children wonder whether they really need an estate plan. After all, when they’re gone, does it really matter? For people who have no children, it can be even more important for them to have a good estate plan in place. Often, the default provisions of Wisconsin law that apply in


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