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The True Value of a Turtle Bell

My grandparents’ home in San Antonio, Texas was beautiful and mysterious, and was also one of the most uncomfortable places for a young child. Surrounded by irreplaceable artwork and collections from around the world, I learned from an early age not to touch anything. The only exceptions to this rule were two brass turtle hotel
Buying a home can be one of the happiest, most exciting days of your life!  It can also be one of the most stressful! And if the proper pieces aren’t in place, chances are your big day is going to be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So how can you make sure your closing is a
If you are the parent of minor children, then having a will in place is essential. In addition to designating guardians for your children and naming a personal representative (a/k/a “executor”), your will also sets forth the disposition of your estate upon your death and should include the creation of testamentary trusts to ensure your

The Trouble with “I Love You” Wills

The most common estate planning document used by married couples is affectionately referred to by estate planning attorneys as the “I Love You” Will. Within this type of will, each spouse leaves all assets to the surviving spouse upon the first death, then to the couple’s joint children upon the second death. Provided you and
If you are the parent of a minor child or minor children, having a will in place is essential. With a properly drafted will, you can accomplish all of the following: Name a Guardian 1. Your will designates your preference for guardians of your minor children. Name a Personal Representative 2. Your will names a

Wisconsin Pet Trusts

The Attorneys and staff at Horn & Johnsen SC know that our pets are friends, companions and family rather than property. >Unfortunately, Wisconsin law views our pets as property. The bottom line is: without written instructions of your wishes, your “property” can be legally destroyed. Every hour of everyday 50 companion animals are euthanized in
Over the years, I have received many questions from clients and others regarding estates. A very common question is, “Who will be responsible for the debts of my parents when they are gone?” This question is most concerning when you become aware that your parent(s) do not have sufficient assets of their own to pay

The Nursing Home Dilemma

Clients and prospective clients often ask me about legal options available so that they might qualify for Medical Assistance in the event they need nursing home care at some time in the future. Some suggest gifting to their children during their lifetimes while others suggest establishing an irrevocable trust known as a “Medical Assistance” trust
There can be many benefits to creating a Limited Liability Company, whether you own an apartment complex, have a consulting business or are selling cupcakes. With a properly organized and managed LLC, you can protect your personal assets from the debts, obligations, and potential lawsuits of your business. In addition, a Limited Liability Company can

What Is a WisPACT?

Many individuals, whether young or old, are receiving valuable public benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medical Assistance. Anyone who has gone through the qualification process for these types of entitlement programs is well aware that the application process alone can be a nightmare!   Sometimes, a well-meaning relative will leave an inheritance


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