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If you already have a will, you are ahead of the many Americans who have not yet taken this important estate planning step. However, making a will is not a one-time project. For this instrument to remain an effective way to distribute your property, it is vital to periodically review and update your will. An

How will my family pay for my funeral?

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Upon the death of a loved one, one of the most immediate, pressing concerns is often how the family will pay for his or her funeral expenses. This guide is designed to address common misconceptions and to provide guidance from an estate planning attorney’s perspective. Faulty Solution: I have named my child as a payable-on-death
Trusts for children estate planning attorney madison wi
Part of being a parent involves ensuring your children are secure financially when you pass away. This is the reason why it is paramount to pursue estate planning early on when your children are still minors. Many parents have discovered the benefits of trusts for children, and you may want to consider placing your assets

I have an estate plan in place! Now what?

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According to Caring.com’s 2019 survey, 57 percent of U.S. adults do not currently have estate planning documents such as a will or living trust. If you are among the 43 percent who have created an estate plan, congratulations on taking the necessary steps to provide peace of mind for yourself and for your family. Now

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So much fun having Estate Planning Attorney John Horn “Horn & Johnson SC” on #fitandfabulous. My friend John helped me and my family and I feel #fabulous knowing my loved ones will be taken care of when it’s my time to leave this beautiful ???? It’s the BEST GIFT to give❤️ Learn what an estate plan is, what is probate, how can you protect
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If you own a small business, you probably have it set up as a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a corporation. This limits your personal liability and protects your assets from corporate creditors. Other than hiring a business law attorney in Madison, what can you do to maximize the protection provided by an LLC? Here
Madison, Wisconsin, July 2, 2019: Horn & Johnsen S.C. is pleased to announce that Dera Johnsen-Tracy from the firm has been awarded the 2019 AVVO Clients’ Choice Award and been added as Super Lawyers to the 2019 Wisconsin Rising Stars List. Both of these honors are due to the exceptional service she gives to all
health care planning madison wi
When people think of “estate planning,” they often consider only what will happen with their assets upon death and, if they have minor children, who will care for them.  However, death planning is only one piece of the estate planning puzzle.  A comprehensive estate plan should include not only a will or living trust, but
Madison, Wisconsin, March 29, 2019: Horn & Johnsen SC is pleased to announce Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy’s celebration of 10 years of practicing law. Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy is Shareholder and Co-Founder of Horn & Johnsen SC. The Wisconsin-based estate planning firm works with clients on a variety of issues to help them confidently and securely plan

Living Trust vs. Will: What You Need To Know

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You’ve probably heard the terms living will and trust used interchangeably. Although both a will and a living trust are important estate planning documents, they are actually very different. If you are new to the process of planning for your estate, it’s important understand how living trusts and wills are used. Basic Definitions This document


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