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The Nursing Home Dilemma

Clients and prospective clients often ask me about legal options available so that they might qualify for Medical Assistance in the event they need nursing home care at some time in the future. Some suggest gifting to their children during their lifetimes while others suggest establishing an irrevocable trust known as a “Medical Assistance” trust to protect their assets. This is a very tricky question and if you are considering this approach I would strongly urge you to read the following article published in the personal finance section of the Forbes website: Beware of This Financial Advice About Aging Parents. While there are...

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Do I Really Need an Attorney to Set Up an LLC?

There can be many benefits to creating a Limited Liability Company, whether you own an apartment complex, have a consulting business or are selling cupcakes. With a properly organized and managed LLC, you can protect your personal assets from the debts, obligations, and potential lawsuits of your business. In addition, a Limited Liability Company can provide for continuity in the event an owner dies, becomes incapacitated, or leaves the business. In Wisconsin, the Department of Financial Institutions offers an online method to quickly file Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company. Many assume that, after answering a few questions online and paying...

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What Is a WisPACT?

Many individuals, whether young or old, are receiving valuable public benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medical Assistance. Anyone who has gone through the qualification process for these types of entitlement programs is well aware that the application process alone can be a nightmare!   Sometimes, a well-meaning relative will leave an inheritance directly to a beneficiary who is receiving public benefits. This can be through a will, or possibly through a beneficiary designation on a bank account, a retirement account, or a life insurance policy. Other times, a person who is receiving public benefits will suddenly become the recipient...

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Cabin Trusts – Let’s Keep It In The Family!

In Wisconsin, I have many clients who own a family vacation home “Up North”.  In fact, within my own family, we have a lovely cabin in Vilas County where we spend many relaxing holiday weekends together.  Therefore, I personally understand the importance of planning to ensure a treasured family cabin can remain within the family following the death of a parent or parents. Within a revocable living trust, a popular and very effective option is to create a separate “Cabin Trust” that will spring into existence upon the death of the trustor(s) (note that the “trustor” is the person who creates...

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Protect Your Pets with a Pet Trust!

What will happen to Fluffy or Benji upon your death? One would hope that a family member or other loved one would agree to care for your pet and expect nothing in return. After all, anyone who knows you fully appreciates that your pet is not just an item of personal property, but a member of your family… right? Unfortunately, many pets are abandoned after the death of their owners. According to the ASPCA, about half of all pets that end up in animal shelters are euthanized. Caring for another person’s pet can be a great personal responsibility, not to mention...

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