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Author: Nick

Horn & Johnsen SC > Articles posted by Nick

Considerations in a “Gray Divorce”

The frequency of “Gray Divorce” is increasing in Wisconsin.    According to the Washington Post, in the last 25 years, the divorce rate for couples over 50 years old has doubled.  The rate for those over 65 has more than doubled.  As a Wisconsin divorce lawyer, I have noticed the changing demographic of my clients.  To meet the challenges and needs of my clients, I must be educated on the specific issues involved in a  “gray divorce.”  Some of those issues are:        Social security:  be aware of the benefits available for both spouses.  For example, spouses married at least 10...

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Death Probate: What’s the Big Deal?

Many people often assume that, if they have a will, then there should be no need for a court proceeding upon death. After all, you spelled out all of your wishes in writing, and even signed your will at a lawyer’s office with witnesses and notaries, so why would a judge get involved? In reality, if you die in Wisconsin owning assets titled solely in your name with a total value exceeding $50,000 (excluding assets with direct beneficiaries such as life insurance or retirement accounts), then these assets must go through the death probate process before they can be transferred...

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